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How to Choose a Blockchain Platform Perfect for your business

How to Choose a Blockchain Platform Perfect for your business

How to Choose a Blockchain Platform Perfect for your business

The increasing quality of encrypted investments has generated considerable interest in blockchain technologies and their prospects. Today, blockchain is used as a generic term, and most people associate it with Bitcoin, created a cryptocurrency exploit the distributed ledger technology for the basic time.

However, the possibilities and scope of the devices that have been distributed to the ledgers have already become more extensive. Several blockchains are used from an encrypted currency and can simply be changed. Anyone who is aware of the basics of programming is capable of making its own blockchain.

When will you meet Arice Blockchain?

The answer to this question explains the essence of distributed Ledger techniques. First, all measures automatic measurement box. Second, the recorded information can not be deleted or changed, but a series of transactions is tracked anonymously. Thirdly, there are no intermediaries among the participants; information is changed in seconds. Ensuring that stocks are handled and information is stored measures the underlying mechanism required in the core of a redistributed ledger. Blockchain technology is applied in the field of care, education, medicine, copyright, logistics, product quality assurance, etc.

What will Blockchain contain from?

Blockchain may be redistributed information, which may be completed and updated and consists of consecutive consecutive blocks in too much string. Each block contains information regarding the previous cluster. Block information is derived and kept on completely different computers with no specific server being checked, making record substitution impossible.

The main characteristics of blockchain technology:



No limits to the degree of information stored.


Disadvantages of bulk blockchain systems:

Speed ​​of transaction confirmation

High energy consumption throughout mining. The disadvantage of these days, the excessive consumption of energy by miners, is, moreover, a solid basis for promising in the presence of methods and tools for the manufacture and implementation of renewable energy sources, which may fundamentally modify the method of mining cryptography.

Key exposure: The impossibility of restoring access to a missing electronic bill, impersonating a project billing address, or accessing personal keys.

Each set of ports exploits one in each agreement algorithm: Poison, PoS, PoA, PoB, DPoS, LPoS, political leader, or one of each. The protocol affects the principle of the work of the ledger and its quantitative measurement.

Today, companies are rapidly testing the technology as part of the demo. For example, IBM and Maersk launched the selection mode in the Global Verification System, which includes 90 large member companies. If things go as planned, the business version of the TradeLens platform is scheduled to be released in late 2018.

The rapid development of digital technologies creates requirements for rapid adaptation to business and technological processes. Information technology developments, which may solve emerging problems, attract skilled attention. Once you choose a blockchain platform, there is a box measuring some things to think about with the importance of practicality and capabilities.

First, its potential and quantitative measurement. If the information is supposed to be used by many people, it is very necessary to conduct a quick online operation for the possibilities of having a network made up of countless users.

Second, the possibility of holding good contracts with custom settings. It is very necessary to find a formula for automatic fulfillment of conditions only to create legal problems in any area, from trade to production.

Thirdly, the economic conversion of the import and trade of symbols in encryption exchanges. Developers of blockchain square measure platforms work effectively to create an open ASCII text file, which may lead to the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrency between blockchains. This again confirms that the potential of blockchain technology has not been fully realized.

Promising Blockchain pads

Some practical technical tools, such as the algorithms needed to make good contracts, speeding up processing and matching, have found an answer in bundled blockin pads. Let's take a look at the most promising platforms and half their application areas.


The Bitnation platform was created in 2014 with Etherium technology support. Provides typical state body services: identification, authentication services, credit history, insurance, etc. Virtual communities based on Bitnation already have more than fifteen thousand people. the government. Of the Republic of Estonia showed interest in the opportunity to exploit the blockchain technology within a documented state system. BitLight enhances its platform as a "very smart phone" state. Blockchain users will be ready to be part of a community supported by group ideas and objectives despite their place of residence. Thus, people will choose the management system, economic regulation and other work procedures of their own.

Ukraine is one of all world leaders in the implementation of distributed ledger technologies - when involving government processes, blockchain technology is being tested on the legal system. The experiment is performed on the NEM blockchain with twenty-eight nodes and XEM cryptocurrency. Its disadvantages are commission: the option is everywhere prices are in relation to one, 227 XEM. However, consultants believe it is an inexpensive value to store information needed for the public for a long time of your time.

Borderless can be a portable version of the Byzantine blockzin platform. This active project allows anyone to store electronic payments and receive conversions in any currency from anywhere in the world. The featured Hyperledger tool allows you to create an open, distributed accounting method (ledger), which maintains